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Helpful Hints

Email (WebMail)

All Tech students are provided an email address consisting of UserID@latech.edu and a password. University Policy dictates that all official notices and information be sent only to a Tech email address, so you must check yours regularly at webmail.latech.edu. Email is also primary means for communicating with your instructors. You may choose to use Google Apps for email and other services by activating your account from tech's email site. Be sure to read and understand Google's Terms of use and Google's privacy Policy. Failure to check your email account regularly does not excuse missed assignments, readings, quizzes, or tests.


Moodle is the course management systems used to enhance class communication and organization.  You can use Moodle to:

To log into Moodle, visit http://moodle.latech.edu. Your username is the same as the first part of your Tech email address.  Example John Q. Public's Tech address is jqp789@latech.edu; his Moodle username is jqp789.  Your password is the same as your Tech email password.

Once you are on Moodle main page, you will see a menu bar at the top.  The "My courses" menu will drop down to display  the list of your classes.  Click the link for a course in which you are enrolled, and you will see the course home page.

The Course Menu appears on the left side of a course page.  Course content and tools are accessed from the listing in the middle of the screen, generally arranged by Topic or Week and may contain:

If you have any questions about using those features, ask your instructor for assistance.

BOSS (Bulldog Online Student System)

BOSS is an Internet web portal used to connect students and faculty to the Students Information System located on the University mainframe computer.  it is a secure method of :

To log into BOSS, you will need  your  Campus Wide  ID Number (CWID) and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). You should receive these  in the mail from the university. If you do not have them or your Tech email address and password  within a week of being admitted, call the Barksdale office at 318-456-5005 and we will work to resolve the issue.


 If you do not have a military-issued ID card, you will need to apply for a base pass for every quarter you attend classes on Barksdale. If you are currently attending classes, take advantage of early registration each quarter and apply for the base pass while your current pass is still active. If you fail to do this, you will need to attend the once-per-quarter, off-base  civilian registration day to apply for the base pass. Louisiana Tech  does not have control over the base pass process as it is owed by the Department of Defense. Obtaining a base pass after the civilian registration day is extremely rare and is in no way guaranteed


Keep up-to-date on the latest Barksdale Program news by liking Louisiana Tech University at Barksdale on Facebook or following @TechBarksdale on Twitter.  You can take advantage of a free mobile app available for iphones or on the mobile web at: http://mobileapp.latech.edu.


Tech uses an Emergency Notification system each quarter.  Update/register your cell phone number at www.latech.edu/administration.ens.php so you can be notified on any emergency or other major situation that can affect your safety on the main campus or on Barksdale.


Students are responsible for completing the proper forms in the Tech office if dropping a course, adding a course, or resigning from all courses Never assume you have dropped a class just because you have stopped attending.  Students using military tuition assistance must have the forms approved by the Base Education Office and presented to he Tech office no later than 7 days prior to start of the Quarter.


Students who intend to use financial assistance for tuition payment must understand if financiaassistance is not approved, you are still personally responsible for tuition cost.  If your financial assistance is not approved , you have two options:  pay the tuition yourself or drop your course(s). If you choose to drop your course(s), there is a tuition refund schedule that determines what percentage of refund to which you are entitled.  This will range from 100% to 0% refund depending on the date you drop your course(s).  These dates are posted each quarter on our website and on the class schedule.